Brookvex ECO are pioneers in the ECO sector and stay ahead by being at the forefront of new ideas and products in the ECO market.

Led by ECO experts from the corporate, research & development, and the education sector, the Brookvex ECO Den helps to nurture carefully selected new products and ECO entrepreneurs.


If you have developed an idea, a prototype or already have an existing ECO product in the market, but need help to take it to the next level, talk to a Brookvex ECO Advisor today about the selection criteria for Brookvex ECO Den or complete the application form.

If you are selected, the Brookvex ECO Den team will help you take your idea, your prototype or the existing product through a step by step accreditation program to make your product a success.

Once through this rigorous process your product will be listed on the Brookvex Preferred Products Register.

Brookvex ECO is a respected provider of ECO intelligent solutions to help organisations be financially smart and save energy. Before taking any product to market, Brookvex ECO tests and retests to ensure the products installed are safe, reliable and guaranteed to keep working the amount of years stated by the manufacturer.

Idea Bank

Talk to us about the Brookvex Idea Bank - an eco think tank where people come together to generate pioneering ideas to help reduce carbon emissions, save energy and build sustainability.

The Brookvex ECO Idea Bank is one of the keys to an eco intelligent future. It meets on a quarterly basis to discuss the challenges that businesses face to be environmentally sound as well as generating and cultivating ideas for future products to overcome these challenges.

The ideas generated are varied and some more workable than others but all of them are considered by our panel, who award each idea or concept a score from which a short list is made. The Idea Bank panel consists of industry experts in eco intelligent solutions.

Whether it is a new type of sustainable energy; a new way to calculate consumption; a startling method to save on energy; or simply a more advanced version of an existing product all of these ideas are fully evaluated.

Present to Panel

The Brookvex ECO Den panel is made up of a number of environmental industry experts and leading academics focused on evaluating and assisting in the development of products and solutions in the energy saving and renewable's arena.

If you are passionate about ECO solutions and have either the expertise and/or qualifications in environmental technical solutions and are interested in joining this panel please contact the Brookvex ECO  containing a paragraph outlining your relevance to this position and any associated qualifications.

For further information on the existing panel and respective profiles please email

Assessment and Selection

To attain Brookvex ECO accreditation your application will be discussed by the Brookvex ECO panel and you will be invited to pitch your idea or product to the panel of experts.

Or your idea will evolve from the ECO think tank and will be placed on the idea bank list for assessment at a suitable time.

Research and Development

Ask your Brookvex ECO Grant Advisor about EU grants available for Research and Development

Brookvex ECO will assist you with market research to establish market requirements and help you to develop your products and services accordingly to meet these requirements and needs.

Research and development, together with the design of new or modified products, forms an essential part of making your business more profitable and productive.

There are also grants and loans, including the EU Framework Program and innovation vouchers, available for research and development. The Brookvex ECO Grant Procurement team will be able to provide you with a step by step guide on this.

BECO Accreditaion

The Brookvex ECO Accreditation Programme includes the following steps:

  1. Successful panel selection

  2. Research and development programme

  3. Brookvex ECO training academy

  4. Product testing and evaluation

  5. Product accreditation

  6. Listed on the Brookvex Preferred Products Register


Brookvex ECO

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