Energy Saving


Reducing the amount of energy you use is the most effective way for your organisation to save money and at the same time help towards combating climate change. There are also a large number of grants and loans available to you which do not involve any upfront investment - contact your Brookvex ECO Specialist Grant advisor to find out how to apply for your energy efficiency loan or grant on 020 8687 5560 to find out more or visit Grant Procurement.

The first step to becoming an energy saving business is to look at the overall business infrastructure and commence by evaluating the following:

Business processes - Turning off lights, shutting down computers, recycling and various other costless energy reduction techniques should be each and every organisations first port of call. Brookvex ECO Advisors provide this information and implement these processes as part of each eco solution.

Lighting solutions - Energy efficient lighting can cut you electricity bill by up to 80% thus showing immediate returns to your organisation. Advances in LED and Ultra efficient lighting technologies have enabled the production of extremely high quality products with outstanding performance levels. For instance an LED light can last well in excess of 50,000 hours. Incandescent light bulbs typically last around 1,000 hours and fluorescents are good for roughly 6,000 to 8,000 hours. The light bulbs burn very cool, while incandescent bulbs emit 98 per cent of their energy as heat. LEDs also emit dramatically less CO2 emissions and provide a controlled high quality lighting solution.

Power solutions - Brookvex ECO is continuously evaluating new technologies designed to optimise power efficiency and reduce costly wastage. Power optimisers can reduce your energy usage by up to 20% creating equivalent cost savings, helping you to reduce your carbon emissions whilst in turn being financially smart.

Other energy saving initiatives can be found around heating, ventilation, water harvesting and many more, please contact a Brookvex ECO Advisor for further information.

Renewable energy solutions - After your organisation has gone through the process of utilising the techniques and tools to reduce energy consumption the next saving and sustainable options come in the form of adopting energy creating solutions into your core infrastructure. These come in the form of solar, water, wind and many more, further information can be found on the renewable energy page

Follow the Brookvex ECO five easy steps:


establish what you currently have and set your energy saving baselines

set your goals and targets for reducing your carbon emissions and financial savings (your carbon management plan)

new technologies and changes to your infrastructure

measure, reduce and test consistent effectiveness

realise the full value of reducing emissions

From making simple changes in these areas you will be able to cut energy costs and help to make a positive impact on the environment.

Talk to your specialist Brookvex ECO Advisor for a complimentary evaluation of your current infrastructure.

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