Grant Procurement

There is an increasing amount of funding, both in the UK and internationally, for 'sustainability' related projects, but it can be a drain on a company's resources to investigate and apply for one. In addition, competition for grants and funding is often high.

Brookvex ECO's team of specialist ECO advisors are well versed in assisting organisations to access the most appropriate funding.

A Brookvex ECO Advisor will take you through the process and help you at every stage, including:

Sector specific advice

Research and development grants . Visit our Eco Den

Applications on behalf of Client


Call or email our ECO advisor today to discuss your ECO project.



Funding available to organisations includes:


In the last financial year, the Carbon Trust gave over £70m in interest free loans to UK businesses replacing old equipment with more energy efficient versions. These loans should save a total of 148,000 tonnes of CO2 each year. Eligibility is primarily for Small or Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) but larger businesses can also apply if they do not qualify for participation in the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme. Ask a Brookvex ECO advisor for more information.


A number of leasing options are available for the larger corporations with over 250 employees and/or an annual turnover exceeding €50m (approximately £43m). As a guideline, the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme typically includes businesses with an annual electricity spend greater than £500,000.


Salix is an independent social enterprise, a not- for-profit company limited by guarantee, which works with UK public sector bodies.

Salix provide funding for proven technologies which are cost effective in saving CO2 and will enable any further energy saving technologies to work at their best. Salix funded projects include insulation, improved glazing, lighting and heating upgrades, IT improvements, voltage reduction or better boilers.

Through a mixture of loans and grants, it has engaged with 488 public sector bodies and to date has funded 4,300 projects which saved energy valued at £85m.


Please contact one of our grant specialists for advice and support on the best solution for your organisation.

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