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ECO Maintenance

Brookvex ECO delivers carefully planned maintenance services.

The Brookvex ECO services are in line with your service level agreements, which are offered as part of a tailor-made maintenance package to best fit your needs, providing flexibility where required.

As part of our service and commitment to the environment, Brookvex ECO seek to extend equipment life, wherever possible, to give you a better return on investment, while in turn decreasing your business’s overall energy consumption and reducing your carbon footprint.

Your entire infrastructure can be covered by our maintenance services including all equipment relating to:




Heating & Ventilation

Solar, Water, Wind and other renewable energy technologies


In line with our flexible approach, we offer maintenance around the clock – but you can identify and prevent potential problems from occurring in the first place with our complete 24/7 ECO monitoring solution.

To find out more about our monitoring services click here or if you would like to know more about our maintenance packages, and how they can be customised for your needs,


Contact your Brookvex ECO Advisor on 020 8687 5560.