Recycling plays just one part in a large number of activities aiming to reduce carbon emissions, reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill sites and be an environment friendly organisation. Where possible it is still best to reduce your waste rather than rely on recycling.

At Brookvex we partner with key waste management organisations offering a wide variety of reuse and recycling solutions.

Larger recycling projects follow a comprehensive project management process. They commence with an initial review and onsite client waste evaluation by a Brookvex ECO Advisor, this information leads to the production of a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) to detail how waste is to be collected and procedures for disposal to minimise the waste produced. Followed by a thorough assessment to identify the different types of waste produced - how much and what type alongside comprehensive recycling targets.

If applicable an area onsite can be set aside for waste segregation and management with clearly labelled skips, alternatively all waste can be removed and sorted at Brookvex ECO's partner recycling plants.

All staff and sub-contractors are trained on the waste management procedure both on and off site. Clear processes are in place to check and monitor waste management practices on site and ensure all waste transfer notes are collated and collected accordingly.

All reusable equipment and furniture is taken to our reuse partners for redistribution. Following the categorising of non reusable materials in to respective product recycling skips (wood, paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, glass, WEE etc) they are taken by a Brookvex driver (waste carrier licence held) to the final respective recycling disposal plant.

If any forms of hazardous waste (lead acid batteries, florescent tubes etc) are being removed from site they are segregated accordingly and disposed of by a WEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) registered contractor.

On completion of each and every recycling project a final report is provided outlining the use of recycled and secondary materials, waste reduction, segregation, recovery and disposal. Percentages are provided by product type outlining re-used, recycled, diverted from landfill (incinerated) or landfill.

The Brookvex on site recycling team consists of environmental project managers, site managers and a number of trained recycling partners. Additionally all Brookvex operatives are trained in the recycling procedures.

To discuss your waste management plan, contact your Brookvex ECO Advisor on 020 8687 5560

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