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Moving water is an important source of mechanical energy. Water is very dense compared to air, and flowing water carries with it far more energy than a similar volume of moving air.

Humans have long appreciated the power of moving water, and have been using it for thousands of years.

Small-scale hydropower is one of the most cost-effective and reliable energy technologies to be considered for providing clean electricity generation.

Hydraulic power can be captured wherever a flow of water falls from a higher level to a lower level. This may occur where a stream runs down a hillside or a river passes over a waterfall or man-made weir, or where a reservoir discharges water back into the main river.

Efficient Hydroelectric power systems convert 70-90 per cent of water energy to electricity.

Generating hydroelectric power produces no waste.

Once installed, hydroelectric power systems should run for many years.

Hydroelectric power is a well-developed technology


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