Wind is currently the world's fastest growing renewable energy source. The UK are well positioned to take advantage of this technology as the windiest country in Europe.

Wind could power our country many times over using 'clean' and 'free' energy.

Government legislation requires that by 2020, 20% of electricity supply must come from renewable sources and it is expected that 70% of this will come from wind power. It is important to also remember that if you are a larger organisation, you must reach your carbon reduction targets in order to avoid large fines.


A wind turbine converts kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical and electrical energy. A typical turbine being installed onshore in the UK currently has a rated capacity of 2 MW and will therefore contribute emission reductions of 2260 tonnes of CO2 each year.

On average, a typical onshore turbine in the UK, rated at 2 MW, produces 5.3 million units of electricity each year enough to run 1,000 homes.


The Carbon Trust states - The greater the wind speed, the more electricity will be generated and the faster the investment will be paid back. In the optimum circumstances, a 6kW turbine comprising a rotating blade and generator will produce around 15,000kWh/year. This is enough to power a small office.


To discuss whether your site is suitable for wind turbines, contact your specialist Brookvex ECO Advisor who will be able to carry out an initial audit and advise on the turbine design and size to suit your individual requirements.

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