Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun. Just a fraction of the energy from the sun could meet the world's power needs time and time again.

The two primary solar cells in use today are solar (or photovoltaic) cells used to generate electricity from the sun and solar hot water panel systems used to heat water. The water can be heated for a wide variety of uses, including under floor heating, space heating or can form part of a solar thermal cooling system, promoting efficient temperature control of buildings.

Photovaltaic (PV) panels known as PV cells which convert sunlight into electricity can be mounted onto almost any type of commercial building if it is situated in the optimum position and is especially good for those with vast surface areas.

A typical commercial solar energy system will generate 8,000kwh per year saving nearly five tonnes of CO2. Benefits to your organisation include:

Energy saving

Cost savings

Strong visual ECO statement


Panels are easily installed and there is little maintenance.

The Brookvex ECO team constantly evaluate innovative solar energy products and can advise on the most suitable for your organisation.


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