Brookvex ECO provides intelligent ECO solutions that suit both your overall objectives and your environment.


Our holistic consultative approach stems from an understanding of your core infrastructure coupled with our expertise in energy saving solutions, renewable energy creation, carbon management and recycling.


Our specialist ECO advisors have a wealth of knowledge and are experts on grant procurement for projects relating to carbon reduction and ECO solutions.

Energy Saving

Reducing the amount of energy you use is the most effective way for your organisation to save money and at the same time help towards combating climate change.


There are also a large number of grants and loans available to you which do not involve any upfront investment



Lighting accounts for 20% to 40% of total energy costs in most organisations.


The implementation of Ultra Efficient Lighting products or Ultra Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) could potentially reduce your lighting bills from anything up to 80%.


Optimising power efficiency is a key factor in driving down energy usage and at the same time improving cost savings for organisations. At a time when energy prices are continually increasing alongside environmental issues becoming high on the agenda, power efficiency gaining technologies are emerging as a tangible and financially rewarding solution.



As with all energy bills, the cost of water is rising and saving water for businesses can impact significantly on energy bills as well as helping the environment by reduced usage.


Renewable Energy Creation

All over the world, governments are facing the dual energy challenge of trying to develop new sources of energy, while at the same time, reducing energy usage.

Organisations too are being encouraged to change their behaviour and many companies are now realising the benefits and opportunities that arise from sustainable energy creation.



The two primary solar cells in use today are solar (or photovoltaic) cells used to generate electricity from the sun and solar hot water panel systems used to heat water.


The water can be heated for a wide variety of uses, including under floor heating, space heating or can form part of a solar thermal cooling system, promoting efficient temperature control of buildings.



Moving water is an important source of mechanical energy. Water is very dense compared to air, and flowing water carries with it far more energy than a similar volume of moving air.

Humans have long appreciated the power of moving water, and have been using it for thousands of years.



Wind is currently the world's fastest growing renewable energy source. The UK are well positioned to take advantage of this technology as the windiest country in Europe.

Wind could power our country many times over using 'clean' and 'free' energy.



Recycling plays just one part in a large number of activities aiming to reduce carbon emissions, reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill sites and be an environment friendly organisation. Where possible it is still best to reduce your waste rather than rely on recycling.

At Brookvex we partner with key waste management organisations offering a wide variety of reuse and recycling solutions.


Carbon Management

The need to manage carbon emissions is becoming more pressing than ever.

New climate change legislation passed in the UK in late 2008 and more recently in April 2010 has increased the pressure for organisations to tackle their carbon emissions.


Grant Procurement

There is an increasing amount of funding, both in the UK and internationally, for 'sustainability' related projects, but it can be a drain on a company's resources to investigate and apply for one.


In addition, competition for grants and funding is often high.

Brookvex ECO's team of specialist ECO advisors are well versed in assisting organisations to access the most appropriate funding.


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