As with all energy bills, the cost of water is rising and saving water for businesses can impact significantly on energy bills as well as helping the environment by reduced usage.

There are many simple things you can do to save water in your business just as you would do in your home including:

Air conditioning systems

Rainwater Harvesting

Water meters

Micro Hydro Turbines

Heater Tank Systems

On demand hot and cold water

Water saving devices for toilets

Water Butts


The first step is to start with a water usage audit to establish where water is used within your organisation.

establish where you are using the water in your business and set water saving baselines

set your goals and targets for reducing your water usage and the financial savings (part of your carbon management plan)

new technologies and changes to your infrastructure

measure and test effectiveness

realise the full value of saving water and the positive effect on the environment


For more information and suggestions on water saving solutions for business,


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